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Grad the High-Quality Essential Shoes

Shoes are something that can go overlooked or underappreciated. Shoes are essential, not only because they allow you to go outside without hurting your feet, but also because they are an incredibly important part of every outfit. Shoes can make or break an outfit. After all, you’re not going to wear a bespoke, three-piece suit, and then wear bedroom slippers with it, are you? That is not to say that you can’t experiment with your outfits, today’s era and today’s fashion industry is always being more daring or taking more risks.

Shoes in the modern day have also evolved highly. And shoes have become an essential part of streetwear. Hype culture has evolved at a lightning pace, and collecting shoes is something pretty much every person does these days. Kanye’s Yeezys or Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans are some of the most expensive, elite, and most coveted shoes in the world today.

So, today, we will take a look at the essential line of shoes and the recent strides that they have made in that category. Style is an essential part of everyday life. And shoes are an essential part of a style. So, let’s get on with it and you can also get many essential items of clothing at Essential Hoodie.

The 5 Top-Selling Shoes

Here is the list of 5 top-selling shoes in our store.

1.    Fear of God Vintage Tennis Leather Sneakers

There is a certain versatility to white sneakers. They go with just about anything. Going to the basketball game and sporting your favorite jersey kit? They’ll work. Going on a date wearing a casual outfit and wanting to add some weight to it. These will work. Going to a business meeting and wearing a suit? They’ll even work with that. FOG has taken inspiration from the past and turned it into a prime product for the modern day.

2.   Fear of God Leather, Nubuck, And Mesh Sneakers

Are you a skater? Are you looking for something that combines style but also simplicity? Do you want something that is not too complicated? This shoe combines high-quality material with a simplistic design that is sure to aid you in the best handling of your skateboard, all the while drawing the eye of other skaters.

3.   Fear of God Suede, Leather, and Canvas High-Top Sneakers

We remember the high-top sneakers that basketballers used to wear in the 90s, right? The insane designs, the fascination around them? FOG has re-envisioned and taken inspiration from those designs and has made something that adds a touch of elegance to the already successful sport-casual designs. There is definitely something to be said about the way these look. It’s as if they are a straight blast from the past.

4.   Fear of God 101 Suede and Nubuck Sneakers

The skateboard culture in California in the 90s was a sight to see. So much of today’s fashion is influenced by that era, retro fashion aims to evoke the nostalgia of that era. One of the things that hit right on the money when it comes to evoking that emotion is this shoe. A tribute act to that era, these sneakers are made from the highest quality materials and designed keeping in mind the brilliance of the 90s skateboard culture in California and the gems it brought us, all the while preserving the classic FOG heritage.

5.   Fear of God Canvas 101 Backless Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on shoes can be a godsend. Especially ones as gorgeous as these. The pure-white coloring, the design that harks back to the authentic Vans designs back in the day. The backless slip-on design is perfect for a casual day for brunch or hanging out with your friends.


Buying the best sneaker shoes is something that every sneakerhead wants. And sometimes, one needs some inspiration as to what to buy. The brilliant simplicity of these designs should be enough to convince you. FOG truly has some marvelous designs to give consideration to.